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Children are the future of mankind. However, they are the ones who are mostly rendered homeless with no one to love or be loved, with no one to take care of their basic needs like food and shelter, let alone provide them education and care. Some of them cannot ever experience what having one’s family feels like, since they are made homeless soon after their birth…. such can be the cruelty of fate at times. It is these children we see on the streets; begging, being exploited or taking to drugs and crimes in sheer desperation or out of necessity. It is a fact that children brought up in a healthy and happy environment along with good education, grow up to be better human beings and consequently better citizens, thereby contributing more to the society in general. Our concern is these unfortunate children - to provide them with the basics of life, i.e. a home, education, love and affection, and above all an existence with dignity, to try and make up for some of the joys of childhood lost on them and to give them hope for the future, so that they may not just survive but live life, like their more fortunate brethren.

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Through donations, guidance, and expertise, we put them on the path to self-sustainability and empower them to give quality care. We come alongside our homes in three distinct ways.

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